An iconic University of Tennessee rock was painted with an anti-Semitic message. It was covered up with words of love

The hateful messages were painted over with words of unity.

(CNN)A landmark rock on the University of Tennessee campus has seen the spectrum of human nature this week.

The Rock is open for individuals and groups to paint with their own messages.
Earlier this week, Tennessee Volunteer fans painted it in tribute to a boy who'd been bullied for making his own fan T-shirt. But then, someone painted over it with a message saying "Jews did 9-11," CNN affiliate WATE reported.
The university's chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity chapter posted an image of the anti-Semitic comment scrawled on the rock.
    "It's time something is done about this. Our chapter stands against hate of all forms, and simply want action to be taken," the chapter wrote on its Facebook page.
    AEPi describes itself as the "world's Jewish fraternity."
    The messages were quickly painted over again, this time with encouraging words of "love thy brother," WATE reported.
    "In one week, the Rock has brought out the best and the worst," UT Chancellor Donde Plowman said in a statement.
    A group of student representatives and volunteers will soon meet and determine what actions should be taken in regard to accountability, Plowman said according to WATE.
    The first image on the Rock was the design of a homemade T-shirt created by a boy in Florida who was bullied at school for not having a real UT shirt during his school's college colors day.
    The story of the boy's shirt spread like wildfire -- a version put up for sale online through the campus bookstore fetched 16,000 pre-orders.
      But the University of Tennessee has had to rally against hateful messages painted on the Rock before.
      The university condemned messages and images including swastikas painted on the Rock in November 2018, according to WATE. And in December of 2017, the words "white pride" were painted on the Rock.