“Ugly” fashion trends are everywhere recently, and they’re showing no sign of slowing down for the fall season. Be it the recent revivals of Birkenstocks and Uggs or the rise of “dad” fashion and athleisure, the fashion world seems to be throwing the rulebook out the window.

What’s behind the staying power of ugly fashion? Some say it’s a reaction to decades of oversexualized women’s clothing, from high heels to bustiers and form-fitting styles. Or in an era of Instagram influencers and selfies, it’s just another way to stand out in the feed or make a statement about nonconformity. It may be practical – some ugly fashions are pretty comfy – or a sign of a growing collective confidence with women wearing what they want. Whatever the cause, if this fashion shift is giving women license to express individuality once deemed “unfashionable,” we’re game.

This fall’s ugly fashion trends are taking on texture, shapes, and silhouettes in unique ways – from bedding-inspired quilting to utilitarian-style lug-sole shoes to ultra-baggy denim. So, if you’re ready to give these looks a try, we’ve picked out six must-have “ugly” fashion styles and 18 pieces that are sure to keep you on trend this season.

Square-toe shoes

If you love fashion and Instagram, it’s more than likely that you’ve seen fashion influencers and stylish celebs wearing ultra-structured square-toe shoes. Bottega Veneta’s square-toe mules have reigned all summer, and women can’t get their hands on them fast enough. Luckily, there are plenty of boots and sandals available that don’t cost thousands of dollars. Try pairing them with a baggy jean, a sleek trouser or a tailored suit for a fierce look.

ASOS Design Rivet Leather Square-Toe Lace-Up Boot ($87; asos.com)

Jeffrey Campbell Mr Big Heel ($125; revolve.com)

Topshop Hartley Leather Boots ($170; topshop.com)

Baggy denim