Artie Lange tweeted in celebration of leaving rehab.
Artie Lange/Twitter
Artie Lange tweeted in celebration of leaving rehab.
CNN —  

Artie Lange has a new life to go with his new look.

The comedian took to Twitter Tuesday to announce that he was out of rehab and enjoying sobriety.

Lange reportedly entered a long-term treatment facility after he was jailed in New Jersey in January because he tested positive for cocaine twice in six weeks.

“Great to be home!,” Lange tweeted along with a photo of himself. “7 months 14 days sober but one day at a time.”

The comedian looks decidedly more svelte in the photo and he was hailed on Twitter for both looking healthier and his time sober.

Lange is well known as a former sidekick on the “Howard Stern Show.”

In May, Stern talked to New York Times Magazine about his friend who has long struggled with addiction, saying, “I choose my words about Artie carefully, because I love him.”

“What’s happening with Artie makes me very sad,” Stern said. “We’ve lost touch, and that’s my doing. I got my fingers crossed for the guy.”

Based on his tweet, it sounds like Lange will be mining his experience getting sober for material for his act.

“Lots of new stories to tell. Will announce some new tour dates on Friday,” he tweeted. “Thanks for the support. Love you all.”