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Former US Rep. Joe Walsh of Illinois said conservative lawyer George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, is informally advising Walsh’s 2020 campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, challenging Donald Trump for the presidency.

“I am honored to have his advice. I speak with him often. He’s a wonderful adviser,” Walsh said of Conway during an interview Saturday with CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield. “As far as any formal role with our campaign, I would only be so lucky as to have somebody like George Conway involved.”

Walsh did not say whether Conway would be formally joining his campaign.

Conway is a frequent critic of the Trump administration, in which he nearly took a job – and in which his wife is a prominent figure. He has questioned the President’s mental health, labeled him a “racist President” and called on Congress to remove him from office. His criticism drew the scorn of Trump, who has called Conway a “loser” and a “whack job.”

Walsh, who voted for Trump in 2016, has also emerged as a denouncer of the Trump presidency and apologized for what he said was his role in helping elect an “unfit con man” to the White House.

The New York Times first reported that Walsh was trying to recruit Conway for a senior role with his campaign.

According to the Times, the two men had met late last month and discussed strategy, just days before Walsh announced his candidacy.

Conway told Walsh he would think about the offer, but did not commit to anything, the Times reported, citing two people familiar with the conversation.

If he were to join the Walsh campaign, Conway would be actively campaigning against his wife’s boss.

Walsh on Saturday refused to discuss the dynamic between the Conways.

“I know George Conway, and I speak to George Conway often, and he is genuinely and I mean frightened for where this country is going under Trump,” Walsh said. “That’s all we focus on, and I’m indebted to have his help and advice. He truly is a great American.”

Conway has not responded to CNN’s several recent requests for comment regarding his advising of Walsh and whether he would be joining the campaign.

In an interview last month with the Times, Conway said, “I think Walsh’s plan to attack Trump for his dishonesty, amorality, instability and incompetence is absolutely the right approach, and I’ll do whatever I can to help.”

He declined to tell the Times whether he’d sign on to Walsh’s campaign.

CNN’s Kevin Bohn contributed to this report.