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White Claw is running out in America, and there are still plenty of people trying to figure out what it even is.

Here’s what you need to know about the drink.

What is White Claw?

It’s a hard seltzer, a healthier alternative to beer, that Mike’s Hard Lemonade maker Mark Anthony Brands launched in 2016. It’s made from a blend of carbonated water, alcohol and a fruit flavor. Flavors include black cherry, mango and natural lime.

Sure, it comes in a cute, slim can, but it’s still an adult beverage. You must be at least 21 years old to enjoy it in the United States. Because there are laws when you’re drinking Claws.

Water and alcohol? What does that taste like?

It’s … complicated.

First, there’s the fruity flavor of the drink, but then comes the carbonation along with the reminder that there’s just a ‘hint’ of flavor. The drink’s base is still water.

It’s not a drink you necessarily want to chug. Carbonated water can erode the enamel on your teeth. The carbon dioxide that makes water bubbly turns into carbonic acid in the mouth and can be detrimental to your teeth’s health.

Can I get a hangover from it?

Well, it does include alcohol. Drinking responsibly includes knowing when it’s quitting time, so you don’t have to deal with hangover side effects like headaches, fatigue, dehydration — you get the idea, all the stuff that feels bad.

But knowledge is power, right? The best way to avoid a hangover is to not drink alcohol, or to drink in moderation, and to be aware of the risks of consuming a lot of it.

Why is White Claw running out?

It was definitely a White Claw summer because on Friday the hard seltzer brand confirmed a nationwide shortage, thanks to the drink’s popularity.

“We are working around the clock to increase supply given the rapid growth in consumer demand,” Sanjiv Gajiwala, White Claw’s senior vice president of marketing, told CNN Business. “White Claw has accelerated faster than anyone could have predicted.”

White Claw is the leading beverage in its industry. Sales of the drink grew 283% to $327.7 million in July compared to the same period last year. Its sales accounted for nearly 55% of all hard seltzer sales for the week of July 4, a 200% increase since 2018’s Fourth of July sales, according to Nielsen data.

Why do people like it so much?

The White Claw wave has becoming a running joke as people have created memes, T-shirts and even parody videos about the drink’s rapid rise to fame.

There are two reasons that make the drink appealing to some drinkers.

For starters, more people are looking for drinks with fewer calories and less sugar. With only 100 calories, White Claw drinkers can still get a similar alcohol content, usually around 5% alcohol by volume. It falls into the gluten-free trend, as it markets itself as a gluten-free beverage.

So, if you’re on a low-calorie, gluten-free diet, White Claw fits the bill.

Is it one of a kind?

Eh, no.

There are many other drink options like White Claw. Natural Light is an affordable hard seltzer marketed to college-aged drinkers. Four Loko has teased a new hard seltzer with 14% alcohol, three times as much as White Claw. Coca-Cola is even dabbling in the hard seltzer game with its Lemon-do drink.

The hard seltzer trend doesn’t seem to be fading any time soon.

CNN’s Jordan Valinsky contributed to this report.