No one knew where this US Navy boat disappeared to. A year later it was found 3,300 miles from home in Ireland

US Navy boat found in Ireland nearly a year after it went missing during training operations in Norfolk, Virginia.

(CNN)Crew members from a ferry company in Ireland said they made an unexpected discovery with US ties this week when they found a Navy boat floating in the Atlantic Ocean.

Doolin Ferry Co.'s Doolin Express crew were en route to Inis Oirr, a small Aran island near Galway Bay, Ireland on Monday when they said they saw a bright orange object in the water.
US Navy boat found floating in the Atlantic by Doolin Ferry Co. in Ireland.
Once crew members got closer they said they found an abandoned boat and towed it back to shore to take a closer look, the ferry company wrote on their website. That's when they said they saw the boat had its two engines still attached, but with the number of barnacles on the boat's sides, they could tell it had been in the water for a long period of time.
Foam-filled US Navy boat found with several goose barnacles from being lost at sea for a year.
A feeling of fear set over Tom Noel, Captain of the Doolin Express when he first saw the boat because he said he wasn't sure if there were people on board and in need of help.