A new dinosaur has been unearthed, and it's the first of its kind

Researchers have found a nearly complete skeleton of a new dinosaur.

(CNN)A new kind of duck-billed dinosaur has been discovered in Japan.

The largest dinosaur skeleton ever found in the country was hiding underneath 72 million-year-old marine deposits in the town of Mukawa, according to Hokkaido University.
First, part of the dinosaur's tail was discovered during a joint excavation carried out by the Hobetsu Museum and Hokkaido University Museum in 2013.
Subsequent excavations unearthed a nearly complete dinosaur skeleton, described in a study published in Scientific Reports. It belongs to a new genus and species of a herbivorous hadrosaurid dinosaur, the university said in a news release.
    Scientists named the dinosaur "Kamuysaurus japonicus." The name comes from "kamuy," the word for diety in Ainu, the language of the indigenous people of northern Japan; "saurus," meaning reptile in Latin; and "japonicus" for Japan.

    How the dinosaur might have looked when it was alive

    Researchers found a nearly complete skeleton during an excavation in 2013.