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Along with announcing its first portable speaker (the Move), Sonos has also introduced One SL and Port. The One SL is a Sonos One speaker that ditches the microphones, meaning you can’t control it with smart home voice commands. That cuts the price to $179, compared to the One’s $199. It launches Sept. 12.

The One SL is powered by two amplifiers and includes Sonos Trueplay (adjusting audio output based on acoustics in the room) for enhanced sound quality. This is essentially the same technology inside the One, with less processing power since it doesn’t have the microphones. The $20 cut isn’t huge, but for those who don’t care about voice control, it could be worth keeping $20 in your pocket. And if you’re adding multiple speakers to create surround sound with a home theater system using a Sonos Beam or Playbar, that $20 savings adds up.


The Sonos Port is the successor to the Sonos Connect, a device that allows you to add non-Sonos speakers, players and amplifiers into the ecosystem. Sonos Port will be available in small quantities on Sept. 12 for $399, compared to the Connect’s $349. You can expect a wide roll out in January 2020.

Information on the Port is a little light, but it is said to deliver better sound, losing less quality in the conversion from digital to analog. In addition to serving audiophiles who want to add Sonos to their high-end equipment rather than use the Sonos amps and speakers, the Port, like the Connect, is an ideal match for a record player. It will enable you to drop the needle in one room and listen throughout your house via the Sonos network.

We’ll have our full thoughts on the One SL and the Port in the coming weeks.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.