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Logitech just rolled out its new wireless mouse and keyboard with new smart features, including a Swiss electromagnetic scroll wheel. The latest offering in Logitech’s Master Series, the MX Master 3 Mouse, MX Keys and its slim ergonomic memory foam palm rest are available to order.

So how do you innovate a mouse? The new electromagnetic scroll wheel, developed in Switzerland, uses controlled electromagnetic pulses to shift between speed modes. It still gives you a physical click when scrolling line by line, or gives you freedom to zoom through lines. The wheel is aluminum with a hollow build that makes room for the magnets. It can scroll for what feels like forever with amazing accuracy, so it likely will distract me for a few weeks.

The MX Master 3 keeps its wireless connectivity through a USB dongle or over Bluetooth. You can use the Logitech Options app to customize the experience with the Master 3 or MX Keys and pair it with your Logitech account. Enhancements made to the mouse deliver a more sculpted shape with a smooth textured thumb rest that feels great. And there are plenty of input options, such as two buttons, a side wheel and the main scroll wheel.

Logitech Options offers presets for all those buttons. Customized settings for Photoshop, Chrome or even Word can come in handy. You also will have full control over each button’s function.

This feature extends to MX Keys, the new Master Series keyboard. It can auto turn on or off to conserve power, thanks to its proximity and ambient light sensor, and automatically adjust to the lighting around you.

The keyboard has circular dips at the key tops (not to be confused with physically circular keys) and should be on par with past Logitech offerings. It’s been an enjoyable typing experience after just a few days.

Both the MX Master 3 and MX Keys charge with USB-C (the tiny USB port) in a place that doesn’t require you to stop to use it. Yes, we’re looking at you, Apple Magic Mouse 2. Rechargeable batteries power both and the MX Master 3 and should last for 70 days, while the MX Keys can go 2-3 weeks with LED backlighting turned on.

The MX Master 3 and MX Keys feel dependable and capable of handling a workload. Time will tell if they’re really game-changing peripherals.

Note: The prices above reflects the retailer’s listed prices at the time of publication.