A silly goose runs around and steals things from the villagers.
CNN  — 

If you have ever wanted to be a “horrible goose” House House’s new video game Untitled Goose Game, may be for you.

The Australian gaming company released a honking new trailer for the game that has been in the works for three years and comes out on September 20.

And there are options. You can be a goose on your Nintendo Switch, Mac or PC and terrorize the citizens of a village.

If that doesn’t loosen your feathers, you can purchase merchandise with the game’s tagline and character image.

The game will be playable in 11 languages and will cost under $20.

When House House released the first look at the trailer it got more than 600,000 views, 40,000 likes, and 13,000 retweets. The company asked for name suggestions on Twitter, but ultimately decided to leave the working title.

CNN reached out to the company for comment.