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As a ‘90s girl myself, I can’t think of anything that screams childhood nostalgia like Lisa Frank. During those simpler days, before social media and selfie cameras, we had stickers, folders and pencil cases. And the more Lisa Frank, the better.

Yes, the brand was loud, bright and ridiculously colorful. But it was also fun and unabashedly itself – something that seems to be increasingly rare in an age where minimalism, monochromatic palettes and muted pastels are everywhere. And our tech accessories are no exception.

That’s why I was thrilled to discover the Lisa Frank x Casetify collaboration, which launches Thursday on the Casetify website. In what seems like a dream come true for many people in their 20s and 30s, you can now order everything from vegan leather Apple Watch bands to wireless charging pads and, of course, iPhone cases with iconic Lisa Frank designs all over them. Here are a few products available for purchase right now.

  • Lisa Frank Stickerfest iPhone Case ($45;
  • Lisa Frank Color the Lines iPhone Case with Glitter Case ($49;
  • Lisa Frank Composition MacBook Case in Leopard ($55;
  • Lisa Frank Composition Watchband in White Speckle ($52;
  • Lisa Frank Composition Pocket in Leopard ($25;
  • Lisa Frank Composition Charger in Rainbow Speckle ($59;
  • Lisa Frank Composition iRing in Leopard ($20;

Casetify is an online destination for super trendy, fun and unique tech accessories. It specializes in customization, and carries everything from monogrammed Apple Watch bands to custom reflective mirror iPhone cases. Casetify has even collaborated with pop culture icons like Pokemon and Wonder Woman. So even if you’re not in the market for Lisa Frank products, be sure to check out all the other fun accessories on the site.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.