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If you’ve been debating whether to pick up a Google Home, Home Mini, Nest Hub or Home Max, perhaps Walmart’s current discounts (up early for Labor Day) will entice you to take the leap.

Google’s Home speakers allow you to interact with Google Assistant – similar to Amazon’s Alexa – using your voice. Right now, Walmart is discounting Google’s entire line of Google Home devices, and in some cases, the discounts are significant. The $49 Google Home Mini, for example, is currently marked down to $29. The slightly bigger, and pricier, $129 Google Home is down to just $79.

Google has continued to update and add features to Google Assistant and its Home product lineup, including the ability to control connected devices around your phone, stream music, or begin streaming a show on your TV if you have a Chromecast. If you don’t have a Chromecast device yet, don’t worry, Walmart has also reduced the price of a Chromecast and Google Home Mini bundle.

Google Home

  • Google Home Mini ($29, originally $49;
  • Google Home ($79, originally $129;
  • Google Nest Hub ($99, originally $149;
  • Google Home Max ($269, originally $399;
  • Google Smart TV Kit includes Chromecast and Google Home Mini ($60, originally $74;
  • Google Wifi - 1 Pack ($99, originally $129;

The Nest Hub is arguably the best digital picture frame available on the market, with voice and smart home control as an added bonus. It’s too bad the Google WiFi discount isn’t for a 3-pack of the mesh router, but for someone looking to upgrade their home WiFi network or add another Google Wifi to an existing mesh network, it’s a good price.

Nonetheless, all of these deals will save you some money while upgrading the tech in your home or office.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed prices at the time of publication.