Settle in with these weekend reads

(CNN)Babies overcoming addiction, the world's longest flight, and teens evoking a nightmarish past. Grab a cup of tea and settle in. Here's what you might have missed in a busy news week.

08 WV opioid daycare
At 7 weeks old, Oliveah just started daycare, and when she cries, her teachers ask all the usual questions: Is she hungry? Does she need a diaper change? Is she coming off of opioids? That last question might sound unusual, but this new child care center is just that.
    Regular nonstop flights between Australia and London or New York soon could become a reality. But how will the human body cope with 19 solid hours of air travel?
    Many people were rightly horrified at the videos that appeared to show high school students singing Nazi songs and making the Nazi salute. Sadly, this was just the latest incident of young Americans evoking this nightmarish past.
    Walmart long has been one of the largest gun retailers in the United States. The company hasn't stopped selling guns, but it has begun to take on a more activist role in the gun debate and, for the first time, has detailed how big a role it plays in the firearms industry.
    amazon fire
    The vast majority of fires in the Amazon have been set by loggers and ranchers to clear land for cattle. While this may be business as usual for Brazil's beef farmers, the rest of the world is looking on in horror.
    When people talk about Swift, they tend to reveal less about her and more about us as a society. She has become a political and cultural cipher of sorts, at once nothing and everything.