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To uniform or not to uniform? For an increasing number of school districts and institutions that is, indeed, the question. But we’re not here to hash out the merits of the arguments on either side of the debate. What we will champion, though, are clothes that are fit, functional, and fashionable, uniform or no.

After all, your growing kids benefit from feeling comfortable in the clothes they’re in, whether it’s on the playground or in the classroom. And even the strictest uniform code has room for individual nuance and variation, which is a healthy and normal way for your kids to express themselves in what they wear—an important consideration, even within the confines of academic attire.

In any case, Walmart’s Uniform Shop is a great place to meet all your schoolwear needs in one convenient place. It’s easy to search and navigate, thanks to a clear size-search function and a deep well of different styles to draw on. Whatever you choose, you can expect stylish, quality styles at affordable prices.

Here’s what’s caught our eye:

Genuine Dickies Boys School Uniform Traditional School Style Shorts ($12.97; Whether it’s an English boarding school or your local kindergarten, these classic shorts look equally good and will never go out of style.

Eddie Bauer Girls School Uniform Short Sleeve Stretch Knit Polo Shirt ($9.29; The stretch knit construction means this polo will flex with every hop, skip, and jump—all while still looking clean and professional in the classroom.

Wonder Nation Boys School Uniform Short Sleeve Pique Polos, 4-piece Multipack ($18.00; Need a bunch of boys polos in classic colors? These are perfect for a variety of common uniform codes, and the 4-piece multipack gets the job done in one go.

Wonder Nation Girls Plus School Uniform Stretch Twill Skinny Pants ($7.50; These professional-looking pants come with an adjustable waist to ensure they grow with your child’s growth spurts—and a hint of stretch for maximum comfort, too.

Wonder Nation Girls School Uniform Knit Jumper ($6.50; School uniform or not, we’d absolutely wear this fashionable french terry jumper to the office. Do they make it in adult sizes?

French Toast Girls School Uniform Adjustable Waist Plaid 2-Tab Scooter ($15.99-$22.98; These preppy plaid skirts come in a variety of styles, all of them with comfortable built-in shorts, neat pleats, a decorative silver double-buckle, and an adjustable waist. Très chic, we say!

French Toast Boys School Uniform Short Sleeve Oxford Shirt ($9.99-$12.01; This classic staple looks as neat as they come, and the wrinkle-free fabric makes washing and drying easy.

French Toast Toddler Boys School Uniform Anti-Pill V-Neck Cardigan Sweater ($23.98; This cardigan screams crisp autumns and ivy walls, students walking to class with books tucked under their arms and school bells ringing over their heads.

French Toast Boys School Uniform Long Sleeve Classic Dress Shirt ($10.11; A long-sleeve dress shirt is a must, this wrinkle-free poplin version for looking neat and fresh-pressed all day long.

Wonder Nation Girls School Uniform Windbreaker ($16.88; Even when the weather takes a turn for the worse, this weather-resistant windbreaker will keep your child dry and looking classy.

Jefferies Socks Boys and Girls Socks, 4 Pack School Uniform Crew Socks Cotton Rib, 4 count ($14.00; With a variety of smart colors to choose from, these socks are perfect for any uniform code. And they’re made in the USA!

Real School Girls School Uniform 5-Pocket Stretch Skinny Pant ($12.29; These are buttoned-up without being stuffy—and probably can sneak in to meet most uniform codes.

Wonder Nation Boys School Uniform Zip Up Sweater ($14.97; We’re big fans of cute, snuggly sweaters on our little tykes, and this stylish version fits the bill nicely.

Eddie Bauer Girls School Uniform Box Pleat Jumper ($12.99; We love how grown-up and professional this jumper looks, and the white trim really elevates the look without being too showy.

Wonder Nation Toddler Girls School Uniform Knit Cardigan ($10.97; This classic cardigan is about as versatile as it gets. And it comes in a variety of colors for easy mixing and matching.

Girls Dress Red Belt Flower Suspender Skirt School Uniform ($13.95; Even kids need that secret weapon outfit that makes them feel like a million bucks. This is it.