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Britney Spears is not here for the haters.

The singer took to Instagram Tuesday night to share some thoughts about them as well as what her life is like in Los Angeles.

Spears posted an image of the quote “Pay close attention to the people who don’t clap when you win.”

“Living in LA is such a trip !!! It can be lonely at times,” the pop star wrote in the caption. “You never know who to trust, and some people can be fake.”

She went on to say, “I have a very small circle of friends, and simply do what makes me happy!!!”

“It breaks my heart to see the comments on my posts sometimes …. so I simply choose not to look anymore … let the clever haters do what they do best …. hate!!!,” Spears wrote.

Her boyfriend, model and trainer Sam Asghari, supported her in the comments.

“Winners don’t hate or bully, losers (haters) only do because they don’t have what you have (which is the best heart in the world),” he wrote.

Spears has been sharing more about her life on social media since May when fans, worried that she was being kept away from the public, started a #FreeBritney campaign.

In June she and her family were granted a five-year restraining order against her former friend, Sam Lutfi.

CNN’s Chloe Melas contributed to this report