A 16-year-old was put in a suitcase and smuggled to the UK. Now he's thanking Britain for giving him a home.

Lorries queue up at the port of Dover on the south coast of England.

(CNN)A Vietnamese boy who was found stuffed into a suitcase after being smuggled into the UK has written a letter thanking Britain for giving him a home.

Phong, then aged 16, was discovered in a life-threatening condition last year at the English port of Dover, a main entry point for vehicles crossing the English Channel.
He had been placed in a suitcase and stowed in the back of a car, and was rushed to hospital before being placed in a foster home. The driver of the car was jailed for 18 months for people smuggling.
"Dear England, I'm writing a letter to tell you what a difference you have made to my life. You have saved my life. You have given me a family and a home," Phong said in his message, which was released by local authorities in Kent.