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Fashion is famously fickle, and so are children. And with back to school season fast approaching, you can expect the kids in your household to be susceptible to the latest gusts and minutest breezes of the fashion tradewinds. Fashion is about expressing yourself, after all. Kids are telling us some amazing things about themselves through what they wear, if we’ll just listen.

So instead of tearing out your hair and pining for the good ol days of school uniforms, what if the annual back-to-school clothes shopping tradition became an opportunity to listen, learn, and connect.

Too pie in the sky? Maybe. But either way, the selections below are a good place to start.

Fortnite Short Sleeve Graphic Tee ($6.97;

Everybody loves Fortnite, right?

Knit Bomber Jacket and Graphic T-Shirt, 2-Piece ($13.98;

This knit bomber jacket will have your kiddo looking, um, fly.

Wonder Nation Girls’ Glitter Casual Court Sneaker ($14.97;

It’s got the slim profile of a classic sneaker and the razzmatazz of a glitterbomb. What’s not to love?

Wonder Nation Clear Kids Backpack ($12.88;

The ears, the unicorn horn, the clear plastic shell—it’s pretty much the platonic ideal of what little-girl-us would have loved.

Wonder Nation Embellished Denim Jacket ($17.97;


This denim jacket is so cool that we kid you not we would wear it if they made it in adult sizes.

Wonder Nation Button Down Camp Shirt ($9.44;

The flannel camp shirt is an all-American classic, and it’s never too early to get your little youngster started off with the classics.

Wonder Nation Track Jacket and T-Shirt 2-Piece Set ($14.97;

We wish we had been cool enough to wear this when we were kids. “Brooklyn, Skate, Rad” indeed.

365 Kids From Garanimals Girls’ Long Sleeve Graphic Top & Legging, 2-Piece Outfit Set ($10.94;

We love how fun and fresh and retro-cool these are—and they look super comfy!

Space Cat Doughnut Race T-Shirt ($19.49;

The internet has made absurdism mainstream, and so you can thank the internet for this shirt. Plus, everyone loves cats and doughnuts!

Wonder Nation Printed and Solid Ladder Back Swing T-Shirts, 2-Pack ($13.88;

These look professional and grown-up, perfect for a smart back-to-school go-to outfit.

Wonder Nation Floral Print Challis Anorak Jacket and Graphic T-Shirt, 2-Piece Set ($13.98;

Fall weather will be here soon enough, and when it comes, this will have your kiddo will be covered.

Wonder Nation Woven Jogger Pant ($11.84;

Little jogger pants are just objectively adorable.

Wonder Nation Short Sleeve Pleated Skirt Dress ($11.88;

Add this to the list of things-we-would-wear-if-they-made-it-in-an-adult-size.

Shaq Boys’ Fashion Knit Athletic Shoe ($17.87; No childhood worth its name is complete without a basketball shoe. This one does nicely.

Wonder Nation Printed Pull-on Jegging Jean ($9.94;

Jegging jeans are like modern wardrobe classics 101. Get them started early, we say.

Smith’s American Short Sleeve Printed Button Up with Graphic Tee, 2-Piece Outfit Set ($10.00;

Another one we’d totally wear if they made them big enough for us.

Kidorable Boys Green Dinosaur Spike Lined Rubber Rain Boots ($39.31; Yep, these are definitely adorable.

Jefferies Socks Boys Socks, 6 Pack Crew Fashion ($10.00; Socks are too often overlooked when it comes to looking good. Teach ‘em right.

Wonder Nation Dress and Metallic Bomber, 2-Piece Set ($16.96;

Does your kid want a statement piece? Because this is a statement piece.

Batman 5-Piece Backpack Set With Lunch Bag ($16.97;

Nothing says you like Batman like a 5-piece Batman backpack set.

Jordache Floral Distressed Bootcut Jean ($16.96;

Keep Flower Power alive!

Airspeed Boys’ Casual Court Sneaker ($10.92; White sneakers are very cool, and the retro stripe is very cool, too.