Greg Craig
CNN  — 

One of Washington’s most well-known and accomplished lawyers, the former Obama White House counsel Greg Craig, goes to trial Monday in Washington in a case likely to be seen as a litmus test for the Justice Department’s efforts regarding foreign lobbying.

Craig is accused of concealing material information in connection with work he performed for Ukraine after he left the Obama administration and joined the Skadden firm as a partner. According to his charges, he cut a deal in 2012 to earn $4 million from a Ukrainian client for the law firm by producing a supposedly independent report on the jailing of a political rival of the then-Ukraine president.

Craig had been caught up in the expansive federal probe of Ukrainian influence in American politics tracked by special counsel Robert Mueller and now led by the Justice Department’s National Security Division and US Attorney’s Office in DC.

The trial will discuss the influence efforts by Mueller defendants Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, both former Trump campaign leadership, who allegedly had tapped Craig to help with pushing a slanted report on Ukrainian politics among American