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California Rep. Eric Swalwell on Sunday said gun violence “has to be a top-tier issue” in the 2020 presidential campaign while listing the Democratic presidential hopefuls he said have the best plans to address the issue gripping the nation after two recent mass shootings.

“I really admire Cory Booker for putting out a comprehensive plan, Elizabeth Warren just in the last 48 hours put out a plan. The Vice President (Joe Biden) has called for a ban and also a buy-back,” Swalwell told CNN’s Ana Cabrera on “Newsroom.” “I think it’s important to have the buy-back component and Kamala Harris who I worked with in the same District Attorney’s office – Alameda County District Attorney’s office – she gets this issue and has a good plan.”

Swalwell, who dropped out of the 2020 democratic primary last month after failing to gain traction, largely based his campaign around addressing gun violence. His comments Sunday come after two mass shootings in the US over a weekend this month left at least 31 dead.

President Donald Trump told reporters after the shootings that he is speaking to congressional leaders about gun background checks.

When asked if he thought he dropped out of the presidential race too early given the renewed debate about gun control, Swalwell said he still felt “great” about his exit.

“I’m sorry that I did have to leave it but when there was no longer a path and it was only about, you know, just making it to the debate stage and not about winning it, it didn’t seem right to stay in, but the issue persists.”

Swalwell told CNN after ending his campaign last month he would ultimately endorse the candidate that makes gun violence “their top issue.”

“I’m going to take some time, I’m going to be looking at who will elevate the issue of gun violence as their top issue, and to promise Americans that we don’t have to live this way,” he said.