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Someone is leaving colorful, encouraging notes in Dayton’s popular nightclub district, not far from the memorial that has sprung up for the victims of Sunday’s mass shooting.

They are handwritten on Post-it notes that have been stuck to windows and storefronts and many are signed with the message “we rise by lifting others every day”.

There are also notes thanking first responders and honoring the nine people who were killed in the attack.

Some of the writings say:

“In a world filled with doubts, bring hope”

“The best view comes after the hardest climb. Keep climbing”

“You are fierce”

“You are braver than you think”

“Dayton is strong, but you don’t have to be. Talk about your feelings.”

Mariano Haensel told CNN the notes were there when he got to work on Wednesday morning.

“We’re all hurt and these are messages of love to me and hope in a situation that every human reacts a different way,” he said. “And someone anonymous was trying to bring some light into our souls and our spirit.”

Haensel said he moved to the US from Brazil to get away from violence.

“I’m seeing it here more and more,” he said. “Brazil feels much safer to me now. I never see this happening there.”

CNN’s Eliott C. McLaughlin contributed to this story.