Former NFL player Merril Hoge is one of 18,400 plaintiffs suing Monsanto, saying Roundup caused cancer

Thousands of cancer patients say Roundup weedkiller gave them cancer. Monsanto, the maker of Roundup, says studies show the key ingredient -- glyphosate -- is safe.

(CNN)Former NFL running back and ESPN analyst Merril Hoge has filed a lawsuit against Monsanto, claiming its popular weedkiller Roundup caused his cancer -- resulting in permanent "physical pain and mental anguish."

The suit was filed this month in the US District Court for the District of Idaho. Hoge accuses Monsanto of negligence and says the company promoted "false, misleading, and untrue" statements about the safety of Roundup.
"By reason of the foregoing, plaintiff is severely and permanently injured," the suit says.
Hoge now joins 18,400 other plaintiffs suing Monsanto, claiming its popular Roundup weedkiller caused non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, or NHL.
    But Bayer, the parent company of Monsanto, said hundreds of studies over 40 years support the safety of Roundup.
    "We have great sympathy for any individual with cancer, but the extensive body of science on glyphosate-based herbicides over four decades supports the conclusion that Roundup does not cause NHL," Bayer said in a written statement Wednesday.
    The company cited an EPA decision from April, which Bayer said "reaffirmed that 'glyphosate is not a carcinogen' and that there are 'no risks to public health when glyphosate is used in accordance with its current label.'"
    According to the lawsuit, Hoge, 54, was exposed to Roundup as a boy in 1977 when he began working on a farm in Idaho. For years, he mixed and sprayed Roundup on crops and other plants as part of his job duties, according to the suit.
    Hoge "followed all safety and precautionary warnings during the course of use," the suit says. He was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2003.
    "Plaintiff suffered severe and personal injuries which are permanent and lasting in nature, physical pain and mental anguish," the suit says.
    Hoge's case was transferred to multidistrict litigation in Northern California, his attorney Joseph Osborne said
    Hoge was the 10th round pick of the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1987 NFL draft. He played seven seasons for the Steelers and finished his career playing a single season with the Chicago Bears. His career was cut short because of multiple concussions, and he later served as a football analyst for ESPN for two decades.
    Hoge sparked controversy last year when he co-authored a book called "Brainwashed," questioning the science behind CTE, the brain disease associated with frequent head injuries and has led to lawsuits by NFL players who suffered repeated head trauma over the course of their careers.

    Roundup under scrutiny

    Although Monsanto faces thousands of lawsuits over the weedkiller, only three cases have gone to trial. The jury sided with patients in each case, saying Roundup was a substantial contributing factor in causing the plaintiff's cancer.
    In each of those three trials, jurors awarded the cancer patient tens of millions of dollars in damages. Judges later slashed the jurors' punishments against Monsanto, saying they were too severe.