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Washington CNN  — 

Attorneys for President Donald Trump and the House Ways and Means Committee are unable to agree on the parameters for any future request House Democrats might make for the President’s New York state tax returns, despite a federal judge asking the parties to figure out a solution themselves.

Trump’s attorneys had filed an application for emergency relief to prevent Congress from requesting his state tax returns under a newly signed law that allows certain Congressional committees to obtain the state returns if they are denied federal tax returns from the Treasury Department.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin denied a request from the House Ways and Means Committee for Trump’s federal returns in May.

In a hearing Monday, Trump-appointed US District Court Judge Carl Nichols asked the parties to meet and propose a solution to the President’s concerns that any state tax returns could be released upon request without any notification or chance to prevent such a release.

But in a joint filing Tuesday, the parties announced they could not reach an agreement.

Instead, the President’s lawyers are asking the federal judge to step in and order the congressional committees to give 14-days advance notice of any request for Trump’s state tax returns.

The House Ways and Means Committee is resisting any restrictions on its power to investigate.

It is unclear how Nichols will rule or order further proceedings in light of the parties’ impasse