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Festival shooting witness: 'This is a nightmare'
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    Break out the king cakes! It’s Epiphany, also known as Twelfth Night or Three Kings’ Day, which marks the start of Carnival season.

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    1. Senate runoffs 

    The rest of the soccer world might be hoping that perhaps it’s seen the last of Team USA, which won its second consecutive World Cup and fourth overall yesterday in France. They’ll probably be disappointed. With its comfortable 2-0 win over the Netherlands, the US Women’s National Team showed that it has both the youth and experience to be a force to be reckoned with in many World Cups to come.

    01:53 - Source: CNN
    Multiple fatalities after shooting at garlic festival

    2. Electoral College count

    Iran is no longer complying with the nuclear deal it signed with the US and five other countries in 2015. The deal was intended to keep the country from developing a nuclear weapon. Iran announced over the weekend it had started to increase uranium enrichment beyond the purity threshold it agreed to as part of the nuclear deal. Iran had agreed to keep its uranium enrichment threshold below 3.67% (enough to provide power to parts of the country, but not enough to build a nuke) in return for the lifting of economic sanctions. But President Trump pulled the US out of the deal last year and restarted economic sanctions against Iran. After learning of Iran’s latest move, the President warned the country to “be careful.”

    02:16 - Source: CNN
    Baltimore mayor fires back at Trump

    3. Coronavirus 

    01:18 - Source: CNN
    Trump nominates Rep. John Ratcliffe as new intel chief (2019)

    4. Bahamas

    01:40 - Source: CNN
    Puerto Rico governor announces resignation

    5. Qatar


    RIP, T. Boone

    That yellow jersey goes great with the Colombian flag.

    Las Vegas’ grasshopper invasion is so big you can see it on the weather radar

    Frankly, we’d rather not see it anywhere.

    01:17 - Source: CNN
    Millions of grasshoppers are invading Las Vegas

    Is there a second alligator in Chicago’s Humboldt Park? 

    Can you survive a second round of GATOR SUMMER?

    01:10 - Source: HLN
    5-foot alligator caught in Chicago park

    Disney sets record for highest grossing year for a studio with five months to spare

    Just face it, eventually everything will be owned by Disney.

    Passenger dressed as clown causes mass brawl on cruise ship

    Wow, the debut of that new cruise ship kid’s show did NOT go as planned.


    “They were talking about … how Hollywood ladies are so silly, and especially that Renée Zellweger.”

    Sen. Chris Murphy, reacting to President Trump’s weekend Twitter attacks on Congressman Elijah Cummings and the city of Baltimore, Maryland


    $3 million

    $2.3 trillion

    02:58 - Source: CNN Business
    These teens make six figures playing 'Fortnite'


    01:42 - Source: CNN
    Strong storms target Midwest, tropical system brews in the Caribbean


    It’s summer! Time to hit the beaches. But you can’t do that right now if you’re in Mississippi. All 21 of the state’s beaches along the Gulf Coast are closed because of toxic algae. The algae, called a blue-green harmful algal bloom, can cause rashes, stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting, a state agency warned. The blooms occur when colonies of algae grow out of control. This particular situation was partly caused by the opening of a spillway in Louisiana which brought “excessive” freshwater to the coastline, a Mississippi newspaper reported. Algae blooms such as this are happening with increasing frequency due to climate change and increasing nutrient pollution.

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