Passenger dressed as a clown causes mass brawl on cruise ship, witnesses say

The Britannia was on its last leg of a week-long cruise to Norway when the fight broke out.

(CNN)A mass brawl broke out on a British cruise ship Friday morning, leaving several people injured and others confined to their cabins for the rest of their journey, according to eyewitnesses who spoke to CNN affiliate ITV news.

The P&O cruise ship Britannia was on the final leg of a cruise to Norway's fjords from Southampton, in southeast England, when the fracas broke out, ITV reported.
ITV's "Good Morning Britain" correspondent Richard Gaisford was on board the ship when the fight broke out. In a series of messages on Twitter, he said that heavy amounts of alcohol contributed to violence that started on the 16th floor restaurant on Thursday, when a passenger appeared dressed as a clown.
The passenger's attire apparently upset some of the guests, Gaisford said.