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Massive dinosaur bone found in France
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The thigh bone of one of the biggest animals to ever exist has been discovered the paleontological site in southwestern France.

The femur bone is over six feet long and is thought to have belonged to a sauropod – a subgroup of herbivorous, long-necked and four-legged dinosaurs common in the Jurassic era.

Think Littlefoot from “The Land Before Time” and you’ll get the idea. Just, you know, bigger.

“This femur is huge! And in an exceptional state of conservation. It’s very moving,” Jean-François Tournepiche, curator at the Museum of Angouleme, told Le Parisien.

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The bone was found at the Angeac-Charente excavation site, where in 2010 paleontologists extracted another femur, also over six feet long.

Since then, scientists have succeeded in rebuilding over half a sauropod, according to Le Parisien, along with other bone, fossil and vertebrate discoveries.