The Department of Justice seal, in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, April 12, 2018.
Barr directs federal government to resume death penalty
01:38 - Source: CNN
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    1. William Barr

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    Attorney General Barr reinstates federal death penalty
    01:35 - Source: CNN

    2. Venezuela

    Newly-incarcerated financier and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was found injured in his jail cell, authorities revealed Thursday. Epstein had marks on his neck, according to law enforcement officials, who also said it wasn’t clear if the wounds were self-inflicted or the result of an assault. Epstein told authorities he was beaten up Tuesday and was called a child predator, but he has been placed on suicide watch. The 66-year-old is awaiting trial on one count of sex trafficking of minors and one count of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking. He has pleaded not guilty. Epstein’s arrest sent shockwaves through the political sphere, since the financier had hobnobbed with the political elite, including Trump and Bill Clinton, for years. Trump’s former Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, who had arranged for a plea deal for Epstein under similar charges in 2007, resigned after Epstein’s arrest earlier this month

    Lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein proposed a bail package on Thursday that would allow the alleged sex trafficker to remain out of jail pending trial and live instead in home detention at his Upper East Side mansion, one of the largest residences in Manhattan and valued at $77 million, according to court documents.
    Epstein found injured in NYC jail cell, sources say
    00:47 - Source: CNN

    3. North Carolina shooting

    BERLIN, GERMANY - JUNE 22: In this photo Illustration hands typing on a computer keyboard on June 22, 2016 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo Illustration by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images)
    5 of the biggest data breaches​
    01:43 - Source: CNN Business

    4. Immigration

    Migrants rescued from a shipwreck gather on the coast about 60 miles east of Tripoli, Libya, on Thursday, July 25.

    5. Minneapolis police shooting trial

    In a tragic coincidence, two professional boxers have died this week. Yesterday, Argentine boxer Hugo Santillan died after being injured in a Saturday fight. Santillan passed out after the fight and was admitted to a Buenos Aires hospital, where he was diagnosed with successive kidney failure. He never regained consciousness. The 23-year-old’s death comes just days after the death of Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev. The 28-year-old Dadashev died Tuesday in Maryland after a Friday night fight. Dadashev’s trainer stopped the fight after the 11th round, but Dadashev had to be helped out of the ring and started to lose consciousness before he reached the dressing room. He underwent emergency brain surgery for a subdural hematoma, but passed away days later. The Russian Boxing Federation has announced it is opening an investigation into Dadashev’s death, while the World Boxing Federation offered its “deepest condolences” following Santillan’s death. 

    Hugo Santillan


    Yeah… someone definitely got fired for this. 

    President Donald Trump applauds in front of a doctored presidential seal as he arrives to address the Teen Student Action Summit July 23, 2019 in Washington, DC.

    Petition to move date of Halloween to the weekend gains steam

    There goes your excuse for skipping the neighborhood costume party.

    pumpkin house 2

    How vulnerable are the undersea cables that power the internet?

    This feels like something you’d think about when you’re relaxing in the shower and your brain suddenly decides to give you anxiety.

    This map from TeleGeography shows undersea data cables which span the Atlantic Ocean.

    An 11-year-old lost his livestock title after his lamb failed a drug test 

    Mary had a little lamb who was swole on PEDs. 

    grazing sheep

    Man surprises wife with cake shaped like an Amazon delivery box 

    Did he pack it in an Amazon delivery box too? It’s Amazon boxes all the way down!

    Amazon birthday cake


    The amount people have donated to a fund for families of the Kyoto Animation fire victims. The Japanese studio was burned in an arson attack Thursday, leaving 34 people dead. 

    The number of cyclists who have died in New York City this year. After the city’s 17th death, Mayor Bill de Blasio called the situation an “emergency” and announced a $58.4 million plan to enhance bike safety. 

    A group of cyclists ride along a dedicated bike lane in downtown Manhattan on May 29, 2016 in New York.


    daily weather forecast southwest monsoon severe storms california heat_00013014.jpg
    Southwest monsoon ramps up and extreme heat bakes California
    01:51 - Source: CNN


    Monica Crowley, who was appointed by Trump last week as the top spokeswoman at the Treasury Department. Crowley’s appointment is drawing criticism because she has a history of supporting conspiracy theories about former President Barack Obama. Crowley, a former radio host, columnist and Fox News personality, claimed in a 2010 blog post that President Obama was a Muslim who supported “the enemy.” 


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