This is Kar-go, Europe's first autonomous package delivery vehicle

Published 4:43 AM ET, Fri July 26, 2019
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This is Kar-go, an artificially intelligent, all-electric autonomous vehicle that aims to reduce the cost of "last mile delivery" by 90%.
"Last mile delivery" is the final stage of your parcel's journey -- from the local depot to your front door. Kar-go
As an all-electric vehicle capable of working 24/7, Kar-go aims to provide an efficient sustainable solution to the rapidly-growing online retail market. Kar-go
The brainchild of UK insititute Academy of Robotics, Kar-go combines the specialist knowledge of a Mars Rover developers and a former Formula One designer. Kar-go
Kar-go's software allows it to safely navigate unmarked roads and without GPS. Kar-go
It also boasts "terrain training" which allows it to "learn" from past experiences and apply them to new situations or obstacles it faces. Kar-go
Kar-go also features a supercomputer, a Tesla battery and an internal package-sorting mechanism to shuffle parcels into the correct order for drop-off. Kar-go
It might sound futuristic -- but Kar-go begins road tests before the end of the year. Kar-go