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Lil Wayne tells fans he's quitting tour, then backtracks
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Blink-182 just revealed the album cover and track list for its highly anticipated ninth album, and the name is a bit on the nose. (Or is it?)

“NINE,” The latest installment in the Grammy-nominated punk rock group’s discography, will be released September 20, according to an Instagram post from Blink-182. The cover art features the band’s name in neon lights with a rainbow backdrop.

On Friday, Blink-182 released a song from the album, titled “Darkside.” It previously unveiled a number of other tracks, including “Generational Divide” and “Happy Days.”

Some fans were quick to point out that Blink-182 has only seven studio albums, which would make “NINE” the eighth in its discography. However, singer and bassist Mark Hoppus took to Reddit on Thursday to explain that the band counts the commercially available demo “Buddha” among its albums.

“NINE,” which lists 15 songs, is available for order on the band’s website. The official track list is as follows:

1. “The First Time”

2. “Happy Days”

3. “Heaven”

4. “Darkside”

5. “Blame It on My Youth”

6. “Generational Divide”

7. “Run Away”

8. “Black Rain”

9. “I Really Wish I Hated You”

10. “Pin the Grenade”

11. “No Heart to Speak Of”

12. “Ransom”

13. “On Some Emo Shit”

14. “Hungover You”

15. “Remember to Forget Me”

Blink-182 reached commercial success in 1999 with “Enema of the State,” its third or fourth album, depending on whom you ask. Its last album, “California,” was released in 2016.

The band is on tour with rapper Lil Wayne celebrating the 20th anniversary of “Enema of the State.”