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You may be brushing your teeth wrong. Is Elon Musk delivering on his promises? A “love match” in Japan. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in. Here’s what you might have missed during this busy week.

Customs official behind bars

A weapons arsenal, ‘highly suspicious’ contact with Chinese officials and a luxurious lifestyle raised red flags about this US Customs supervisor.

Start planning your trip

Trump is not giving up on adding the citizenship question to America’s 2020 census, even after the Supreme Court decided otherwise. Trump has threatened to delay the census, but the aftermath could be disastrous, writes attorney Raul A. Reyes.

Pilot: Don’t leap to conclusions about helicopter safety

A commercial pilot shares his opinion on helicopter safety after a copter crashed in Manhattan this week.

The untold story of the Wild West’s black cowboys

Steve Bullock

The Royal Ascot, which is one of the highlights of the British summer social season, starts next week. Take a look at some of the fashions worn throughout the history of this popular horse race.

Beyond the 50 states: Exploring America’s empire

Look beyond America’s states and venture out to its many territories. Visitors can learn about each territory’s history and culture through the eyes of the people who live there.

Exclusive: With political scrutiny mounting, Google goes on job creation tour

As politicians and regulators in Washington, DC, eye Google’s vast power, top execs at the company are making a series of public appearances in America’s heartland to highlight its role as a job creator far outside Silicon Valley.