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Banksy crashes an art show, Huawei opens up its doors and the Memorial Day weekend arrives. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in. Here’s what you might have missed during this busy week.

Beyoncé portrait makes history

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Finnish artist Riitta Ikonen hired a photographer to take photos of elderly Norwegian citizens accessorized with natural embellishments. Each senior’s look was inspired by a character in Nordic lore.

The epidemic of gun violence is treatable

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The Hyperloop has made quick progress but still has quite a way to go before it will be available to the public. See how companies are racing to make the sci-fi dream a reality.

Opinion: Saving black rhinos from extinction

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The black rhino is one of 1 million species on the edge of extinction. On average, 50 black rhinos die per year in Namibia from poaching. Who is protecting them?

Facebook gets closer to letting you type with your mind

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Facebook has teamed up with universities to figure out how to send thoughts from your brain to a computer. The company is trying to convert brainwaves into written words.

Inside the mega-weddings of India’s super-rich

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America’s national parks offer plenty of activities to get exercise and enjoy the great outdoors this summer. From hiking to swimming, here are the best national parks for every type of adventure.

World’s best tidal and oceanside pools

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From Italy to Australia, discover the most beautiful spots for a perfect summer dip.