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Imagine sitting next to an airline passenger with an unusual “talent.” Believe, for just a moment, you were able to fly among the clouds. Watch a real-life superhero reignite your love for Spider-man. These are the must-see videos for the week.


It’s said to stop, drop and roll when flames start to rise. Yet, this man created his own escape route after an apartment caught fire in West Philadelphia. The man climbed out of his apartment and descended numerous stories, grabbing on to balconies and railings on his way.

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Neighbor jumps into action when dog attacks 6-year-old

‘This was not a good idea’

A Washington woman thought she was being creative with a photo op, and it really came back to bite her. Literally. She posed for a picture with an octopus on her face, which was caught during a fishing competition, and it bit her face, injecting its painful venom.

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Watch Tom Brady cliff jump with his daughter

Eagle eyes

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See great white shark leap out of water in front of boat

Casual fishing isn’t typically a competitive activity, but a group of boys and their parents realized that they weren’t the only predators with their eyes on the prize. As they reeled in a fish, a great white shark leaped out of the water to snatch their catch. Game over.

Courtroom chaos

Former judge Tracie Hunter was sentenced to six months in jail after losing her appeal case. She did not, however, leave the courtroom willingly. Watch as officers drag her away.

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Former judge dragged out of courtroom

‘Bobby 3 Sticks’

A young boy took a bite out of the record books when doctors discovered he had 526 extra teeth inside his mouth. Saveetha Dental College and Hospital says the boy’s case is the first documented worldwide. Chew on that for a minute.

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Watch late night hosts take on Mueller's testimony