Uber driver makes 400-mile round trip to get sisters to their aunt's 100th birthday party

Kerry Maggard, right, and her aunt Ann Stueven on Saturday, July 20.

(CNN)Uber driver Jesus Florentino was expecting a typical airport pickup on Saturday, but he ended up going on a 400-mile road trip to get his passengers to their aunt's 100th birthday party.

Sisters Kerry Maggard and Deb Eggers were stuck at the Minneapolis airport after they missed their connection to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, because of a storm. All of the later flights were sold out and they couldn't get a rental car.
"We were really scrambling at that point," Maggard told CNN.
Their Aunt Ann's party was in the tiny town of Edgerton, Minnesota, which was about 200 miles away, so in desperation, they tried to get an Uber.