NYPD says one charged after water-dousing incidents

The NYPD tweeted an image of three individuals thought to be involved in dousing police with water

(CNN)One person has been charged in connection with an incident Saturday in which a New York Police Department officer was doused with water in Brooklyn, police tell CNN.

The NYPD is still seeking to identify three men wanted for questioning in connection to a similar assault in Harlem on Sunday.
Videos of the two different incidents, which occurred during the city's recent heat wave, circulated widely on social media.
NYPD Detective Ahmed Nasser told CNN Wednesday that Courtney Thompson of Brooklyn was charged with disorderly conduct, harassment, criminal nuisance and obstructing governmental administration for his role in dumping water on an on-duty police officer in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn.
    Nasser identified Thompson as the young man seen pouring a bucket of water over the head of an officer while he walked across the street last weekend.
    On Sunday, officers responding to a disorderly conduct call in Harlem were surrounded by men and soaked with water while arresting an individual on an outstanding warrant. In a video of the incident, a shirtless man behind the officers winds up and throws an empty red bucket. After it bounces off the head of the officer closest to the camera, the crowd jeers.
    The NYPD issued a release Tuesday evening saying the officer who was hit with the bucket "suffered pain and swelling to the back of his head."
    The release asks for the public's help identifying three men wanted for questioning in connection to the Harlem incident, which occurred Sunday.
    In a video of the Brooklyn incident, two officers, already visibly wet, are seen walking away from a conversation with individuals who are obscured by a parked car. Splashes of water follow them from off camera as laughter is heard in the background.
    As they cross the street, a young man runs up and pours an entire bucket of water on one officer. The two policemen never break stride.
    Behind the camera, a woman can be heard laughing and saying, "Oh [the police] came over to talk to them and they violated, they violated them."
    "Look," she says later, "They're laughing at them!"
    The video, posted to Instagram, had over 20,000 views on Tuesday. It isn't clear what day the Brooklyn incident occurred.

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