This state fair is becoming more inclusive for those with sensory disorders

The Ohio State Fair is hosting a sensory-friendly morning for guests with autism and sensory-processing disorders.

(CNN)Visiting the state fair is a treat for most families and children, but the lights and noises can be overwhelming.

The Ohio State Fair in Columbus is staging a "sensory-friendly" event on one morning this month, turning down the lights and making for a quieter experience. It's the first event of its kind at the fair, according to a representative.
"We're making multiple efforts to make sure that the fair is inclusive and welcoming to all of our audience," Ohio State Fair spokeswoman Alicia Shoults said.
"The fair can be a little overwhelming for some. If we're able to make some adjustments to turn down the lights and sounds and make the fair a little friendlier for those with sensory-processing disorders, that's an easy step for us to take to make a difference in the community."
    Sensory issues can affect some people with autism-spectrum disorders. Bright lights and certain sounds, smells and tastes can be uncomfortable, and so can being touched.