The cartoon star of the children's program "Peppa Pig" has been the subject of memes for years.
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Why is the internet freaking out about Peppa Pig? It’s a question you could ask almost any day, but today, there’s actually a reason: her height.

According to one internet meme, she’s about 7 feet tall.

The anthropomorphic British piglet is the star of a hugely popular children’s cartoon, a recording artist as of Friday and the face of a brand that rakes in more than $1 billion annually, according to Statista. And now, she’s at the center of a Twitter storm thanks to what appears to be a doctored Google search that has sent users hog wild.

The thought of a 7-foot cartoon piglet drove Twitter to madness.

The news led users to suggest that the fictional pig play in the NBA. Others calculated the height of Peppa’s parents to scale, with frightening results.

“Peppa Pig” showrunners haven’t weighed in on the height debate, which only fuels fans’ speculation: Could it be true?

Entertainment One, the production company behind the series, has not responded to a request for comment.

Peppa’s the ‘petty queen’ of social media

If you’re a child who watches Nick Jr., the parent of said child or an active Twitter user with a working knowledge of memes, you’ll recognize Peppa.

Her social media reign began when parents said their children developed inexplicable British accents after bingeing the show. Some said their young Anglophiles began using British terminology like “going on holiday” and “mum.”

The fictional pig was hailed as a “petty queen” after a clip from a 2010 episode, “Whistling,” made the rounds on Twitter in March 2018. In the episode, she abruptly hangs up on her best pal, Suzy Sheep, after the lamb showed off her successful whistle over the phone. A jealous Peppa couldn’t replicate the sound.

On Tuesday, rapper Iggy Azalea began a faux feud with the show’s official Twitter account after she discovered that the animated pig planned to release her debut album on the same day as Azalea.

Their exchange quickly escalated from cheeky to threatening.

“Collab with me now or you’ll end up a special breakfast peppa,” Azalea tweeted. Them’s fightin’ words! The rapper better hope Peppa isn’t actually 7 feet tall.