Most badges require speaking, but one Boy Scout with nonverbal autism has earned the highest rank

(CNN)Achieving the highest honor of Boy Scouting is no easy feat: One must spend years earning 21 merit badges involving topics such as first aid, communication and environmental science.

Earning most of these requires a scout to communicate verbally, like giving a speech or collaborating with a team.
Timmy Hargate, 21, who has nonverbal autism, joined Boy Scout Troop 461 in Highland Heights, Ohio, when he was 11. He was determined to become an Eagle Scout, and after about nine years of hard work, he finally achieved that goal in December.
Only about 6.5% of all eligible scouts earned the honor in 2018, according to Scouting magazine.
    "He's very intelligent, and he understands you, but he cannot speak very well," dad Ed Hargate said. "It was extremely difficult [for him to become an Eagle Scout] because he couldn't do it in a typical way most kids can."
    Timmy Hargate completed 21 merit badges, including environmental science and hiking.