An anonymous donor asked a hospital where it needed help and gave $25 million to make it happen

The hospital aims to open the Neurological Institute Outpatient Center by 2020.

(CNN)Children's Hospital Los Angeles will now be able to help many more kids, thanks to an anonymous $25 million gift.

It is one of the largest single donations in the hospital's history, according to president and CEO Paul Viviano.
"This truly transformative gift comes at a time when demand is growing quickly -- particularly among underserved children in Southern California -- both for pediatric neurological care as well as interventional radiology's broad range of minimally invasive procedures," Viviano said in a statement.
Part of the $25 million will go toward creating a multidisciplinary Neurological Institute Outpatient Center.
    The hospital has seen a growing need for pediatric neurological care over the years, Viviano told CNN. He said the goal is for the new outpatient center to open by early 2020. T