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The great big brand collaboration machine has chosen two more ingredients at random, put them in a martini shaker and belched out another limited edition, OMG-why-do-I-want-it-so-bad crossover.

01 arizona adidas shoes

This is the new, extremely limited-edition AriZona Iced Tea x Adidas shoe collection, which will be completely sold out by the time you read this. That strong sense of confusion you feel is your brain trying to comprehend these two brands together, and your heart realizing that you really, REALLY want them.

To add to the maelstrom of footwear-related feelings, these shoes are only 99 cents. Get it? Like a can of AriZona Iced Tea! But, they were only available Thursday at Adidas’ NYC pop-up store in New York City.

The hybrid wonder shoes attracted such a crowd at the event the NYPD had to come and shut it down for safety reasons.

So unless you were in New York City super early and/or are ready to spend around $300 for a pair on eBay (yep, they’re already there), you can say goodbye to your dreams of wearing AriZona Iced Tea’s iconic teal and cherry blossom theme on your feet.

Don’t even look at these neon-colored Rugrats-era throwback Continentals. It’s too painful.

Until you read this, you didn’t know you wanted these things. And now, you can’t have them! The modern-day Tantalus stoops to drink not from a pool of water, but a pool of AriZona Iced Tea. So too does it dry up as his parched lips draw near. He reaches not for the fruit of the tree, but an Adidas shoebox, and it likewise shrinks from his grasp.

What evil beings we must be to have these pleasures laid in front of us, yet be denied.