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Governor slams state GOP for not showing up to debate
Washington CNN  — 

The chairman of the Oregon Republican Party has launched an effort to recall the state’s Democratic governor following an acrimonious legislative session.

Chairman Bill Currier filed recall documents on Monday with the state in hopes of removing Gov. Kate Brown from office. Currier needs to collect 280,050 signatures from “active registered voter(s)” by 5:00 p.m. PT on October 14, according to Steve Trout, the state’s election director.

Oregon Republicans and Democrats are engaged in a rancorous power struggle that has recently disrupted the state legislature’s ability to conduct business. Last month, Brown authorized state police to locate Senate Republicans and bring them back to the state Capitol after some left the state to block the chamber from proceeding with negotiations on a contentious cap and trade climate bill.

Should Currier gather the signatures and the state determines they’re valid, the petition would be submitted to Brown, who would have five days to either resign or remain in office and provide an explanation for her decision to stay that would be included on a recall ballot, Trout said in an email to CNN. The recall election would occur no later than 35 days after the governor’s deadline passes.

Neither Currier nor Brown’s offices responded to CNN’s request for comment on Tuesday.

In the petition, Currier wrote, “The People of Oregon deserve and expect a governor that honors the will of the voters and works for the good of all citizens, not just special interests and politically-motivated agendas.”

The GOP official included in the document a list of nearly a dozen things he says Brown has done that warrant her removal from office, including “(overturning) the will of the voters by granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens,” “(denying) citizens protection from the growing domestic terrorist threat known as Antifa” and “(attempting) to deprive Oregon’s working families of jobs using faulty environmental policy.”

Currier also accused Brown of “(threatening) to usurp legislative power with executive orders to implement her failed legislation, deciding single-handedly what is best for Oregon.”

Brown became governor in 2015 following the resignation of then-Gov. John Kitzhaber. She was elected in a special election in 2016 to serve the rest of Kitzhaber’s term and was reelected in 2018.