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History behind the running of the bulls (2015)
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At least three people were gored Sunday as the annual running of the bulls began in Pamplona, Spain, according to local authorities.

The running of the bulls is the centerpiece of the San Fermin festival, which runs from July 6-14 each year in northern Spain.

It draws daredevils and animal rights protesters from around the world, despite the threat of injury, and not just from a bull’s horn.

Revellers and a fighting bull face off in the bullring during the final running of the bulls at the San Fermin Festival Sunday.

In total, 35 people were injured this year, most of them from broken bones and fractures, according to the Royal Navarre Hospital. Most of the injured were from different parts of Spain, followed by six people from the United States.

The last “encierro” of 2019 ended just as it began, with three people gored in a single day.

The hospital said two of the goring victims were Americans. One was identified as a 23-year-old man from Kentucky and the other as a 46-year-old man from San Francisco. The third victim was identified as a 40-year-old man from La Rioja in northern Spain.

Two more people were injured on Sunday, but the hospital did not say how.

Traditionally, it was used as a way of getting the bulls from the city outskirts to the bull ring.

After launching two rockets, the bulls charge behind amateur daredevils – many dressed in traditional white attire with dashes of red – for 825 meters, which is the distance between the corral and the bull ring, according to the festival website.