Hong Kong police pepper spray protesters at the Chinese border

Demonstrators were marching in Sheung Shui when police pepper sprayed them.

(CNN)Hong Kong police used pepper spray on demonstrators Saturday afternoon in the latest of a series of impassioned protests, originally sparked by a controversial extradition bill, CNN affiliate i-Cable News reported.

According to iCable, protesters against the practice of parallel trading confronted a group of traders in Sheung Shui who buy goods in Hong Kong to sell in China. Police used pepper spray to end the confrontation, after which small scuffles broke out between protesters and police.
In a video posted on social media, Senior Superintendent Kong Wing-cheung of the Hong Kong police public relations department said the protest had now ended, and called on demonstrators to leave the area.
    "Police discovered there was a confrontation among protesters. However, when the police intervened, a few individual protesters tried to push the police," Kong said.
    Hong Kong police called for demonstrators to "leave peacefully" after scuffles developed between protesters and police.