'Americanized' anti-abortion protests are on the rise in the UK. But a fight back has begun

According to activists, women trying to access reproductive health services in Manchester face some of the worst anti-abortion harassment ever seen in the UK.

London (CNN)Monika Neall was standing outside an abortion clinic in Manchester when she saw a woman in her mid-20s dart out the doors. The woman moved towards a parked car, then suddenly froze.

On the ground nearby lay plastic fetus models, candles and images of mothers gazing adoringly at babies. Panicking, she caught Neall's eye. "That's my car," she said, her voice starting to crack.
Most Saturday mornings, Neall puts on a pink vest and joins a small group of women from the volunteer organization Sister Supporter. They stand outside the Marie Stopes clinic in the northern English city to oppose the anti-abortion protests that are held there weekly.
On this particular weekend, Neall said, the anti-abortion protesters had blocked in the woman's car with their signs. "She was quite distressed and just clearly had no idea what to do about it at all," she told CNN.
    Neall said she made sure that the protesters removed their placards, so the woman could get to her vehicle without being approached.
    "We will be a physical buffer zone between the protesters on the front door of the clinic, so that if women need support, or even if they just need to see that somebody else is there, countering the message," Neall said.
    Anti-abortion activists have been holding "vigils" outside clinics in several UK cities.