Residents told don't flush your toilets, as sewage leaks into New Zealand's largest lake

800,000 liters of waste water flowed into Lake Taupo in New Zealand on July 2, 2019.

(CNN)In the New Zealand town of Taupo, residents aren't flushing their toilets.

They're following orders from the district council, which is working to fix a leak that has led to more than 800,000 liters of wastewater draining into Lake Taupo, the largest lake in the country.
On Tuesday, a suspected earthquake damaged in the town's water system, and wastewater -- including greywater and sewage -- flowed from a broken pipe into the lake.
Images from the Tuwharetoa Maori Trust Board, an indigenous Maori body that owns the lake, show a blast of brown sludge inching into the lake's pristine teal water.
    800,000 liters of waste water flowed into the freshwater Lake Taupo -- the largest lake in New Zealand.
    After bringing in pumps and sandbags, the district council said wastewater is no longer flowing into the lake and the pipe has been temporarily fixed.
    "The drinking water is 100% safe and is continually monitored," said Gareth Green, CEO of the Taupo District Council.. "There's no need to worry health-wise as long as people don't come into contact with the contaminated area in that specific place."
    Taupo is home to about 24,190 resi