The cast of 'Knives Out'
CNN  — 

The first trailer for Rian Johnson’s “Knives Out” takes a stab at an Agatha Christie-style whodunit, setting up a plot where a group of extended relatives are trapped in a house with an investigator who suspects foul play in the death of a family member.

Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans, Toni Collette, Lakeith Stanfield and many more A-listers star in the film, which is written and directed by “Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s” Johnson.

The plot centers on the mysterious demise of Christopher Plummer’s Harlan Thrombey, who is found dead at his sprawling estate soon after he celebrates his 85th birthday. Daniel Craig plays the detective in charge of cracking the case.

Lest anyone is worried about spoilers, Johnson Tweeted that the trailer doesn’t give away “anything major” but does show “things that are most enjoyably seen for the first time in the movie.”

Not to be confused with “Death on the Nile,” director-star Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of an actual Christie novel that comes out in October 2020, “Knives Out” hits theaters on November 27.