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At times, the country seems extremely divided. Who won the first Democratic presidential debate? Which NBA team will land Kevin Durant? Who’s going to win the Bachelorette? But maybe for just a moment we can all cherish this week’s best video moments.

You’re gonna be popular

It may be hard to keep up with the White House, but have you heard of the “Department of Grievances?” CNN’s Anderson Cooper once again addresses President Donald Trump’s repeated comments on alleged voter irregularities in the 2016 election.

03:13 - Source: CNN
Cooper picks a showtune for Trump's political chorus

Olympic form

This dad created internet buzz when he easily vaulted over a four-foot fence into a pool when his 1-year-old son fell in while chasing a beach ball. Both father and son are safe.

00:49 - Source: CNN
A 4-foot-fence did not stop this dad from saving his son

Everyone’s a critic

Carrie Underwood rose to fame on “American Idol,” but the Grammy-award winning artist has a new judge – her baby. A video posted on Instagram shows her 5-month-old baby hilariously reacting to her and her husband’s singing voices.

01:05 - Source: CNN
Carrie Underwood's voice instantly stops her baby's cries

Reality vs. nightmare

Imagine waking up in a dark, empty airplane. Now imagine this isn’t a made-up scenario. An Air Canada passenger says she had to organize her own escape from an empty plane in Toronto after she was left asleep in her seat.

01:59 - Source: CTV
Plane passenger wakes to total darkness, alone on plane

Miracle in the woods

Get your tissues ready. This story of a newborn baby in Georgia is guaranteed to steal your heart. Police released bodycam footage of a Forsyth County Sheriff’s deputy discovering the crying infant, her umbilical cord still attached, wrapped in a plastic bag. Nicknamed “Baby India,” she is now safe under the care of child services with a long line of people willing to give her a forever home.

02:07 - Source: CNN
Police release video of moment after baby found in woods