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Project managers are an invaluable part of many companies. And you don’t need to go back to an expensive university to gain skills like workflow management and standard applications.

The Complete Project Management Bundle is available in the CNN Store for just $29. For that price, you get 11 courses that you can take at your leisure. In the first course, you’ll get an overview of JIRA, a popular application used by project managers. It’s standard software for seeing how a project or task is progressing and making sure it’s on track. While this training doesn’t include a subscription, it sets you up with lessons that show the program in action.

All of these courses aim to build on the previous one to give you well-rounded knowledge. It goes through standard software for project managers (including JIRA, Agile and Scrum), skills for the profession and general knowledge for the office. You’ll learn the methods, as well as how to best use these core pieces of software.

Best of all, this is a fully digital class, allowing you to take it at your leisure on a phone, TV, tablet or computer. You can track your progress on the course level or as a whole to see your progression with all 11.

With this bundle, you can learn the concepts, see them in action and then tackle them in real life. It’s a great way to dive into project management. At just $29, it’s a significant value that can teach you valuable skills that will work in just about any industry.

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