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Boiling point: How the US-Iran relationship got here
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    1. Mueller

    New US sanctions on Iran are set to be issued today, according to a weekend tweet from President Trump. The President didn’t offer up any details on the sanctions, but he did say he believes more sanctions will force Iran to the bargaining table with the US. The world is also still waiting to see what kind of retaliation, if any, the US will dish out after Iran shot down a US military drone last week. Trump ordered a retaliatory strike on Iran late last week, only to call it off at the last minute.

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    Trump: Let's make Iran great again

    2. North Korea

    Iran is no longer complying with the nuclear deal it signed with the US and five other countries in 2015. The deal was intended to keep the country from developing a nuclear weapon. Iran announced over the weekend it had started to increase uranium enrichment beyond the purity threshold it agreed to as part of the nuclear deal. Iran had agreed to keep its uranium enrichment threshold below 3.67% (enough to provide power to parts of the country, but not enough to build a nuke) in return for the lifting of economic sanctions. But President Trump pulled the US out of the deal last year and restarted economic sanctions against Iran. After learning of Iran’s latest move, the President warned the country to “be careful.”

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    Tense exchange from Buttigieg's South Bend town hall

    3. Europe heat wave

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    Tenth American tourist dies in Dominican Republic

    4. Border Patrol

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    The tycoon who swept to victory in Czech Republic

    5. Fertility

    Ajara Nchout of Cameroon is distraught after her goal is ruled out for offside following a VAR check.
    Marc Atkins/Getty Images Europe/Getty Images
    Ajara Nchout of Cameroon is distraught after her goal is ruled out for offside following a VAR check.


    RIP, T. Boone

    Snoop Dogg won a gospel award. Billy Ray Cyrus dueted with Lil Nas X. Yeah it was that kind of night at the BET Awards. Here are the winners and best pics.

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    This video is no longer available

    Rest in peace

    Judith Krantz wasn’t just a best-selling author of racy romance novels. Krantz, who died at age 91, was a journalist for 30 years before publishing her first book.

    A novel idea

    Find the Mueller report a little tough to get through. Maybe it will be an easier read once it’s turned into a graphic novel.

    Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

    Together again

    The modern NBA’s popularity really started with Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, so it just makes sense they’ll share the league’s Lifetime Achievement Award.


    Slow and steady

    This tortoise was detained by Florida police for blocking the road. They let him off with just a warning – and a selfie.

    St. Johns County Sheriff's Office/Facebook


    “They were talking about … how Hollywood ladies are so silly, and especially that Renée Zellweger.”

    Daredevil Nik Wallenda, while crossing New York’s Times Square on a tightrope 25 stories above city streets. Nik’s sister Lijana also made the nerve-racking crossing between 1 Times Square and 2 Times Square.

    Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images


    $2.3 trillion

    The number of winning tickets for the $7.8 million jackpot in North Carolina’s Pick 4 lottery. What were the winning numbers? 0000


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    Over 110 million could be impacted by severe weather


    It’s summer! Time to hit the beaches. But you can’t do that right now if you’re in Mississippi. All 21 of the state’s beaches along the Gulf Coast are closed because of toxic algae. The algae, called a blue-green harmful algal bloom, can cause rashes, stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting, a state agency warned. The blooms occur when colonies of algae grow out of control. This particular situation was partly caused by the opening of a spillway in Louisiana which brought “excessive” freshwater to the coastline, a Mississippi newspaper reported. Algae blooms such as this are happening with increasing frequency due to climate change and increasing nutrient pollution.

    Kick start your Monday with this heavy metal cover of Ace of Base’s “The Sign.” (Click to view)