Paramedics could use a 5G-powered 'robo glove' to make quicker diagnoses

Executives from telecom company BT and a  member of the West Midlands Ambulance Service trial the 5G technology.

(CNN)5G technology could allow paramedics to diagnose medical problems more quickly, experts say, with the help of a "robo-glove" that can carry out remote-controlled ultrasound scans in an ambulance, or at the scene of an accident.

The glove, which was demonstrated by physicians in the UK last week, can conduct a scan and relay real-time results to a clinician at a hospital.
The system allows the clinician to move the glove with a joystick and operates over a public 5G network. Britain is moving toward implementing 5G, despite privacy concerns over the involvement of Chinese company Huawei in the process.
"The superfast speeds of 5G ensure sharper and more reliable imagery for the clinician than could previously be achieved," according to University Hospitals Birmingham, which has worked on the technology alongside telecoms company BT and delivery consortium West Midlands 5G.