She knows you think her name is different. But Dr. Marijuana Pepsi's work speaks for itself.

Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck (right) with her mother, Maggie Johnson, at her graduation in May. Vandyck received her doctorate in educational leadership.

(CNN)Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck knows what you probably think of her before you read another word.

She knows, too, the value of letting her work do the talking.
Yes, Marijuana Pepsi is the name she was given at birth. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, her mother thought the name would take her around the world.
She's made just two changes -- taking her husband's surname and adding three more letters to the end: Ph.D.
    In May, Vandyck, 46, earned her doctorate in educational leadership from Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee. Her story went somewhat viral this week when Twitter users picked up on her unusual name.
    The topic of her dissertation? "Black Names in White Classrooms."
    But rather than draw on her own experiences as a student, she said she was driven by the prejudice she witnessed as a teacher in Georgia, when a co-worker complained that her class grades would suffer that year based on nothing more than a list of her students' names.
    The students' names sound