The ducklings were trapped in a storm drain. Firefighters turned to YouTube for help.

Several ducklings were trapped in a storm drain in Littleton, Colorado.

(CNN)It turns out YouTube is good for more than just cute animal videos.

A woman driving in Littleton, Colorado, on Thursday noticed a mother duck pacing and quacking near a storm drain, so she pulled over to see if it needed help.
That's when she saw the eight ducklings stuck inside.
She promptly called the fire department, South Metro Fire Rescue spokesman Eric Hurst told CNN.
    Rescuers were able to easily retrieve four of the ducklings, but the rest of the group had retreated deeper into the underground pipe.
    Noise from the area prevented the ducklings from hearing their mother's calls, and the firefighters couldn't reach them because they were so deep inside, Hurst said.
    The situation seemed dire.
    A firefighter played a YouTube video on his phone to lure the ducklings out.
    That's when firefighter Michael Velasquez came up with a smart idea -- to lure the frightened ducklings out with a YouTube video of a mother duck calling for her ducklings.
    He pulled up a clip on his phone and played it near the storm drain. To everyone's surprise -- the ducks included -- it worked.
    Upon hearing the familiar sounds, the four little ones came running straight toward him.
      All eight ducklings were placed in a nearby field where they were reunited with their mother.
      The ducks appeared to be safe and uninjured, Hurst said, and are now back to their regularly scheduled waddling.