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James Van Der Beek interviewer has no idea who he is
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Tig Notaro does happen to know Reese Witherspoon. That’s a start. She just doesn’t know many more celebrities, which made for an awkward meeting the two had about potentially doing a project together.

The comic visited the “Late Show” and told host Stephen Colbert (who she also knew) that her lack of celebrity knowledge hit an all-time low when Witherspoon started talking about “Big Little Lies,” and Notaro couldn’t hear her all that well.

Reese had been explaining that at 5’1, she’s the shortest cast member the drama. Nicole Kidman is 5’11 but “Shailene’s 5’8.”

What Notaro heard though, was that “she leans 5’8,” and thought oh, interesting, Nicole Kidman is tall but hunches over. She had no idea Witherspoon was talking about Shailene Woodley. She went on to tell a story of her own about dating a woman with bad posture.

Colbert then flashed her a stack of celebrity headshots; she knew The Rock, but not Dwayne Johnson. She did not know Emilia Clarke, Idris Elba, Viola Davis, Heidi Klum, or any of the Hollywood hunks she was shown named Chris besides Chris Pratt and kind of Chris Evans.

At least Notaro’s using her celbrity ignorance for good – her new “Under A Rock With Tig Notaro” streams weekly on Funny or Die.